Online Lessons

As the COVID-19 crisis effects us all, we strive for new ways to continue doing the things we love! For some of us, thats making music both professionally and just for fun!

For many of my students the lockdown is a good opportunity to really work on their playing, after-all, practice makes progress!

However, I hear that some musicians are struggling to keep their teaching practice going due to students being reluctant to try or pay for online lessons. I’ve put this page together to encourage those people to give it a go! My experience has been brilliant and my students have been great at taking part in online lessons, so I asked them to help and send some words of encouragement to others.

Here’s what they said:

Rory – High School Trombone student
“I really enjoy working with Steph and I’m glad that even now I still have a way to do just that.”

Francesco – NHS Worker
“Having online trumpet lessons with Steph has been great! Eliminating the travelling time to and from the lesson means I can spend some time warming up before we start, and really maximise the time in the lesson going over technique and trickier pieces. The audio quality is great and Steph is just as kind and patient virtually as she is in real life! I would definitely encourage anyone to give it a go!”

Malcolm – TFL engineer (He is in the ‘at risk’ catergory and left London before the lock down to Isolate with family ‘Up North’ but left without his trombone, but still wanted a lesson on Musicology based on trombone)
“I enjoyed our lesson. I was given some good initial music history material, from which we were able to develop a plan of action for our next lesson: research and an essay which shall inform and help me to develop my brass orchestral playing. ” – (he’s since ordered a JP Rath Trombone to play on while he’s in Lockdown as he missed it too much! We are now doing online instrumental lessons.)

Sarah – Retired
“Sorry for the delay but I’ve found the online lessons have worked really well. It’s different but easy to get used to. You can see and hear me play. I can see you and at the end of the lesson I know what I need to work on. And I can be anywhere, and no travelling time! Ideal.”